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Independent Film Financing Tips!: Financing your own Independent Film

Independent Film Financing Tips!: Financing your own Independent Film Ad If you are energized and up to the task of producing your own independent film. Here are some independent film financing tips to help you get familiar with the foundation of a winning plan. Be aware that there is great responsibility in taking on the magnitude of a full project, particularly when you are a novice to the process. Yet, if you manage and micr-manage valued details and execute with consistency throughout, you can end up with a product that can catapult you into the film industry with an excellent foundation built on respect from your peers and fans alike.

Once you make up your mind to take on the task of producing your own film, you must gather the necessary resources to make your independent film come to life.
One of the main things to keep in mind would be to make a return on the initial investment. That should be enough incentive for you to finish strong on the endeavor you’re about to begin.
There are several options for obtaining the necessary financing for your independent film project.

1- Investors
If you have a following based on previous short works or a reputation that people tend to believe in. Then an investor can be an ideal way to finance your indy film.
Whether a rich family member or by chance having gathered enough capital due to forethought or plain ole good fortune. Independent financing would be our first choice, if there was a choice.

Investor Resource:

2- A funding campaign

Picture of Roommates The Rent Money episode coverSuch as a kickstarter page or one of the many public funding programs available now. These type of campaigns have garnered some absolutely amazing results for a huge amount of individuals with good ideas. A great idea has an even better opportunity to be publicly funded.

3- A film grant

Various types of film grants are available. Each having different requirements to be met before being eligible for consideration. There are grants for documentary films, short films, genre films, sports and more…
Be aware that a grant is a great thing but its a more deliberate detailed slow grinding process. The key here is paying strict attention to paperwork details and patience.
To find grant opportunities: Search google for filmmaking grants.
Please Note:

When it comes to financing tips there are many methods. too many to mention.
so keep in mind there are various forms of financing that are not mentioned in this article. There are new interesting techniques and services that are popping up everyday. Stay current in your area of choice when it comes to new info on getting ahead in your field.

Hiring a crew

If you work with a regular team that knows to go above and beyond what is expected, yet still understand at the end of the day its your situation. Then you are ahead of the game in the best way possible. You can have a crew of talented individuals assembled but unless all are on the same page it will NOT work.

An Assistant

A dedicated efficient assistant can be the difference between ok and great! Assistance is vital.  A great assistant can ease the mind and allow you to concentrate on details that may have been missed under duress of handling your entire film project.


Be sure to delegate some tasks. You must have people on your team and staff that you trust enough to handle situations out of your presence. Your communication must be open and direct. Attempting to do every little thing yourself will wear you out mentally and physically. This will usually result in failure.


You will need the proper equipment to complete a successful project. Renting is an excellent option. There is a large selection of companies to choose from that have everything you need to run a smooth operation. You can rent trucks fully equipped with everything from lights to Red Cameras |, lens rentals and more. Heres a resource

We recommend not cutting corners when it comes to your career.

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