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JazO 2017 IG Video #themarcyproject

JazO IG Video #themarcyproject

JazO is back with a vengeance with previews from #themarcyproject

Releasing several snippets via his ig page @therealjazo

Co-signed by his fellow Brooklyn native @directorzinc

JazO is available for bookings, touring, features, interviews, Ghostwriting, BARZ!

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Independent film project: ‘The Hitter’ story of a military hitman. Directorz Inc’ featuring MAZE

Independent film project: The Hitter featuring MAZE [Exerpt]

Here ia a brief introduction into the mindstate of the main  character MAZE from the Shareef Scott directed, independent film project:  ‘The Hitter’


The Hitter | Mindstate of MAZE | Directorz Inc. Media

MAZE…an honorably discharged military veteran suffering from severe ptsd and mental illness. He is well trained and highly skilled in the art of war. He is internally numb and prone to extreme violence. Without proper and constant psychiatric care, he is a danger to everyone in his path. He has slipped back into society as a civilian sociopath.

Preview of the independent film: The Hitter | A Shareef Scott production | Directorz Inc. Films

This is a preview of the independent film: The Hitter

A Shareef Scott production | Directorz Inc. Films

The Hitter is a film focusing on the exploits of an honorably discharged military veteran. He happens to be a weapons specialist suffering from un-diagnosed P.T.S.D and mental illness. His life chronologically spirals out of control while living as a Hitman and reliving the trauma of battle.  Starring and introducing D. Mays.

Be sure to watch in HD!

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Written, directed and edited by Shareef Scott

Directorz Inc. Films



CommunityCenter Anchor @tylerchronicles snags Series with BossipTV!

CommunityCenter Anchor @tylerchronicles snags Series with BossipTV!
Picture of Tyler Chronicles | Community CenterYoung talented comedian @tylerchronicles is on the rise. He just snagged a sitcom comedy series with BossipTV and he has Officially launched CommunityCenter a SortsCenter news Anchor spoof! Produced and Directed by his family @directorzinc |
It doesn’t stop there because comedian @tylerchronicles has his Monday Night staple at CloudiX on Peter Street. He hosts several days a week in atlanta as well as on the road, he acts and makes his living doing standup around the the U.S.BossipTV featured Joke
His latest feats are detailed in a brief interview with Directorz Inc. Films.
@directorzinc | where he talks about his new BossipTV Series and his hilarious CommunityCenter Anchor News Show.

His joke about MMG Rapper Meek Millz just made the headlines on